About Company

Headquartered in Toronto, Fashion Village Ltd. is a leader in elegant, innovative and unique women’s fashion apparel. With sales offices located in British Columbia, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Chicago, Georgia, Florida as well other locations throughout the continent. Fashion Village has cultivated a strong reputation and customer following since 1998. With staying ahead of trends, Fashion Village started their knitwear line that took the market by surprise due to their one size fits most concept. From there Fashion Village introduced its boutique brand “ORANGE” in 2010.

leading sweater knit suppliers

Known for their luxurious and soft feeling fabrics and generous yet comfortable sizing as well as multi-way concepts, ORANGE has grown to be one of the leading sweater knit suppliers in North America.

Bamboo line

In 2013, ORANGE introduced their Bamboo line which is very successful. The reason for this success was the shift in the market leaning towards eco-friendly fabrics. Bamboo is incredibly soft, perfect for sensitive skin, antibacterial, moisture wicking and is both warming and cooling. Sourcing this material did take some time as it was new to the market and not at an accessible price point. Though with patience and dedication, ORANGE was able to establish a full Bamboo line at an affordable price.

denim collection

innovative designs

Currently ORANGE has come out with denim collection of both jeans and 100% cotton sweaters that features new and innovative designs that will sure to keep you on top of trend.

Define your style with our one-stop collection, that includes a broad range of stylish yet comfortable garments that are designed for the everyday women.

Whether you are traveling or going out, our elegant collections always maintains a sophisticated balance between style and simplicity to fit any day or occasion.